At the 2012 Awards Ali won the ‘Against All Odds Award’.  You can read her story HERE:

We asked Ali what winning the Award meant to her in her own words.

When I was telephoned to say that I had been nominated for the Against All Odds Award, I was stunned into silence. The first thing that crossed my mind was “why me?” Following my spinal injury, I had just tried to carry on doing the things that I had always enjoyed, realising that with adaptation there was a life out there despite being wheelchair dependent.

The Soldiering on Awards honoured me by recognising that I have been able to continue with a purpose in life, that with a little help, stubbornness and determination anything was and is possible. The legacy that the Soldiering on Awards has left with me with is that if I can pass on the knowledge, experiences and information that that I have gained  over the last 9 years to others  who have been through or are going through a live changing event as I have, it is my reason for being.

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