A replica teddy bear that appeared in the 1980’s hit television series ‘Brideshead Revisited’ is back ‘home’ thanks to the kind support of the shows stars Anthony Andrew and Jeremy Irons coupled with the generous giving of those who attended this year’s Soldiering On Through Life Awards.

2013 has been quiet a journey for the bear known as ‘Aloysius’ and co-star of Brideshead.   He started his journey in early March when Stephanie Whitaker, Managing Director of IGNIS (a top London Creative & Marketing Agency) was driving through the streets of Oxford and saw a familiar character in the window of ‘Teddy Bears of Witney’.

Knowing that Anthony Andrews was such a fantastic supporter of the Trust she stopped her car to explore more.  As a major sponsor of one of the ‘2013 Soldiering On Awards’ herself, Stephanie approached the owner of the shop Ian Pout, who kindly donated a replica of ‘Aloysius’ to be auctioned at the Awards.
On the 23rd March, the bear arrived at the Park Plaza Hotel for the ‘3rd Annual Soldiering On Through Life Awards’ where Jeremy Irons was hosting the auction and kindly signed the bear.  Whilst Anthony Andrews was unable to attend – on his return to the UK ‘Aloysius’ was chauffeured to his country house to have his other paw signed.
Mr Pout who also owns the original Aloysius, decided his rightful home was at the shop and bid the highest contributing £2,500 to the Charity to get the bear back.  He said “I am absolutely delighted to have Aloysius home, especially now he has been signed by Anthony Andrews and Jeremy Irons”.

Anthony Andrews was so impressed with the bear that he has asked for one for himself and has pledged to give a substantial donation to the Charity.
Stephanie Whitaker was delighted that Aloysius made it home after three months on the road and is thrilled that her original idea finally came to fruition.  ‘I not only salute Aloysius for his tour of duty but am incredibly humbled to be a part of this journey for the charity ‘ says Stephanie.
A truly remarkably journey for such an historic bear!  An incredible journey resulting in significant funds being raised for the Charity.   If you wanted see ‘Aloysius’ pop along to the shop details of which can be found at www.teddybears.co.uk.

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