Soldiering on through life trust, soldiering on awards, inkspot brewery, ClarenceThe Clarence pub in Whitehall is proud to present its own brand of Soldiering on beer!

Produced by the Inkspot Brewery, this delicious beer introduces the charity to a whole new audience.  Drinkers will see our logo on the beer pumps, have the opportunity to find out more about us and buy raffle tickets while they sup.

Very cleverly, the beer is brewed to 5.56abv, matching the 5.56 calibre of weapons employed by the British army!

Landlord Aidan Kinsella launched the new beer on Monday evening and we’re thrilled with the initial response.  So, if you’re in the area, pop down to the Clarence and raise your glasses to those that are still ‘Soldiering On’!

Here’s InkSpot’s story…


THE INKSPOT BREWERY; two friends – Tom – a former British Army Officer and Bradley – a South London born and bred restaurateur. Driven by a passion for good beer and the finest British ingredients, they formed The Inkspot Brewery in 2014.

The East Indian Pale Ale (EIPA) 5.56 is brewed as a historical nod to the Indian Pale Ale delivered to the British Troops stationed in India during the colonial years. It is brewed to a very specific gravity, 5.56% ABV, aligned to the calibre of the British Armed Forces rifle 5.56mm. ! !
EIPA 5.56 is dedicated to the men and women of the British Armed Forces, especially those who have returned from operational commitments and who, as a result of their experiences, continue to fight their own personal battles.

The collaboration with the Soldiering On Through Life Trust, representing military charities stretching back to World War One, ensures enduring support and recognition for sacrifices made.

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