We’re extremely excited to be offering two new award categories this year, increasing the opportunities for you to nominate people who deserve recognition for their commitment, support and contribution to the Armed Forces Community.

The Defence Inclusivity Award, sponsored by Landmarc, recognises anyone – or any organisation – that has achieved greater diversity and inclusion throughout the community. As it’s a new award, there are no boundaries on who you can enter or for what reason you think they’re worthy.

So, who do you know that has championed inclusion, perhaps for a specific group within the Armed Forces Community? As an example, this could include initiatives by individuals supporting diversity or the support and endeavours of groups and organisations in ensuring the Armed Forces Community welcomes and reflects everyone.

With a global spotlight on inclusivity, we welcome nominations that focus on, for example, older people, younger people, disabled people, people with mental health issues, people within the LGBTQ community, transgender people, people of any race, religion or ethnicity, people with unusual lifestyles – in fact, anything that achieves specific groups of people being welcomed and included within any aspect of the wider Armed Forces family.

Alternatively, you may know an organisation or person outside of the Armed Forces that includes service or ex-service personnel in their activities, ensuring that everyone in the Armed Forces can be included in opportunities they may not prevously have known about.

In short, if someone has accomplished something that has benefited a wider, more diverse audience than previously recognised, we’d love to hear about them.

We’re delighted that Landmarc have embraced this new award.  Steve Utley, Managing Director of Landmarc Support Services confirms, “Working at Landmarc, we all believe strongly that it is our duty to support our Forces; whether it’s providing the best training facilities for our serving troops or offering employment opportunities, help or advice when personnel return to civilian life. 

“Supporting the prestigious Soldiering On awards is one more way that we can help fly the flag for our inspirational servicemen and women and all those who support them. We are therefore extremely proud to sponsor this year’s Defence Inclusivity award to help promote greater diversity and inclusion throughout our Armed Forces communities.”


As it says on the tin, The Education, Training and Development Award, sponsored by Capita, recognises excellence in the provision of education, training and skills development.

Do you know anyone who has used the skills and knowledge they gained during service in the Armed Forces to support, train and develop members of the wider community? This may mean helping people learn new skills, gain new knowledge or prepare them for a new career. Or perhaps you know someone who hasn’t served, but provides training and education to ex-service personnel or those transitioning from service into employment, self-employment or further education.

The training and development could be in any field… Remember, this is a new award so think broadly. If there’s a good link to the Armed Forces that involves learning, we want to know about it!

Please note that nominations for all categories have now closed.

As always, our thanks go to sponsors Landmarc and Capita for their continued support.


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