Business Scale-Up Award Finalists 2023

An award to honour an individual or group of individuals linked with the Armed Forces community who have started a successful new business venture more than two years ago (before January 1st, 2021) and who still retain a minimum of 50% interest in the venture.

In partnership with LSEG Foundation.

Introducing the Finalists...

Crimsham Farm

Crimsham Farm CIC was born in the wake of the suicide of a former colleague of Shane Glasspool, Danny Johnston, who suffered with PTSD and other mental health issues. It was conceived and established to provide safe access to green space and therapeutic services involving animals, horticulture, and the outdoors. Together with Craig Pinkney, Shane achieved this immediately with users from within their network utilising their 4.3 acre site just outside Chichester in West Sussex.

After several months, they realised that grants and funding were not a secure means of income and that they needed a mainstay to provide free access to their services. From here they decided to branch out into education. They registered as an Independent Alternative Provision with the local education authority and began taking referrals from the county and schools for students who were struggling in mainstream education with Social, Emotional, and Mental Health (SEMH) issues and a variety of specialist needs.

Rapidly, they became the leader in their field within West Sussex, helped in no small part by their unique methods of engagement. They are looking to register with OFSTED before September.

They employ many former soldiers in mentoring roles, capitalising on their protective nature and inherent leadership abilities to encourage students to re-engage in education.

Sir Fix-a-lock

Paul Montgomery founded Sir Fix-a-lock in March 2011 whilst serving in the Army. He was due to finish his 25-year career in December 2013 so he planned ahead and started his resettlement one year early with a locksmith training course, which meant paying the associated accommodation, food, and travel costs himself.

Wasting no time, Paul launched his business immediately after completing the course, working evenings and weekends to build his company from scratch. This meant that when his military career officially ended, Paul was ready to hit the ground running. He had established a strong client base and with three years profit under his belt, he had been able to invest in everything he needed, including a new van and thousands of pounds worth of tools. He is ready to grow and move on to the next phase in Sir Fix-a-lock’s development.

Tin Trousers

Originally known as Erin Military Tailoring, Erin Sutcliff’s company started providing striping up and alterations to uniforms, working from the spare bedroom of her married quarters. It wasn’t long until a growing family forced a move out of the home and into HMS Nelson Wardroom to run the Second Hand Uniform Store, known in Royal Navy circles as The Deadman’s Chest or Tin Trousers! The latter prompting the company’s name change!

In February 2022, Tin Trousers moved into their current home – christened TTHQ – in Gosport, where an experienced team of tailors can be found hard at work. The company has grown to employ other military spouses like Erin among its 8-strong team, all of whom are determined to maintain the very highest standards of workmanship while returning uniforms to their owners as quickly as possible. They are now available on various sites across the Solent Area.

Tin Trousers only uses traditional methods and materials to provide the Royal Navy (and other services) with uniforms worthy of their proud history. The company recently took on the tailoring contract for HMS Excellent, including Royal Navy ceremonial work, as well as the management of the Solent Area Supply and Fit contract.

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