Healthcare & Rehabilitation Award Finalists 2024

An award to honour a person or team that has demonstrated a major commitment and contribution in support of the physical or mental welfare of serving or former members of the Armed Forces community. This may be through healthcare, therapeutic treatment or rehabilitation services and support.

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Introducing the Finalists...

Mohammed 'Mo' Amjid

Mo is a health practitioner and team member of the OpCourage initiative with the NHS in the West Midlands, whose unwavering dedication to veterans is truly inspiring. With an unstoppable can-do attitude, he goes the extra mile in every aspect of his work, making a profound difference in the lives of veterans, even those in the most hard-to-reach areas.  

Despite covering a vast part of the Midlands, no distance is too great for Mo. He prioritises face-to-face engagement, often at personal cost, to drive veterans to appointments, advocate on their behalf, or simply offer the companionship of a friend and connect them with fellow veterans. Mo’s selfless efforts are unmatched, making him an invaluable asset to OpCourage services and the veteran community. 

Mo embodies the essence of putting individuals first, teaching us the power of authentic engagement in the journey to recovery. His work illuminates the importance of life-changing support, going beyond good practice to demonstrate the impact of truly caring for each person. He is tenacious to the level that seasoned GPs, psychologists, nurses, support workers and veterans alike all testify to how they have not known anything like it in another professional. 

Veteran’s Clinical Service, Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes’ Veteran’s Clinical Service has been providing holistic community rehabilitation for veterans and their families since its inception in 2016. This dedicated team, composed of compassionate nurses, occupational therapists, and clinical administrators, understands the unique challenges veterans face, offering bespoke support packages that empower them to regain control of their health and wellbeing. 

Through every twist and turn that life in the Armed Forces can bring, the Veteran’s Clinical Service team is there, ensuring that healthcare not only heals but also enables veterans to thrive. Their approach is deeply personal, rooted in a profound respect for the military experience and the personal journey of each veteran. This community-based understanding fosters genuine engagement and trust. 

Since 2019, the Veteran’s Clinical Service has supported over 2,000 veterans, including 29 who receive lifelong care following service-related injuries. They offer more than just treatment; they provide a reason to keep fighting, transforming difficult journeys into stories of resilience and strength. Their services extend beyond the practical, offering a sense of security and comradeship reminiscent of the Forces. 

VICTOR Intensive Treatment Service, Combat Stress

The VICTOR Intensive Treatment Service, a beacon of hope for veterans in the UK grappling with Complex-PTSD, is a helping hand with an ambitious mission. Created with unwavering dedication to help veterans reclaim the fulfilling lives they so deserve, VICTOR is a testament to the transformative power of compassion and innovation. 

Launched by Combat Stress in 2022, VICTOR is the result of a visionary effort to address the overwhelming need for specialised Complex-PTSD care. With a team of expert clinicians driven by cutting-edge research and clinical prowess, VICTOR is more than a service; it’s a lifeline. Over 90% of veterans assessed by Combat Stress face the debilitating effects of Complex-PTSD, and VICTOR’s bespoke care plans promise rapid, effective relief. 

The service’s three-phased approach – preparatory, intensive, post-intensive – ensures veterans and their families are enveloped in support at every step. The statistics are staggering: of those who completed treatment, 96% showed significant reductions in PTSD symptoms, and 68% no longer met the criteria for Complex-PTSD. These figures aren’t just numbers; they’re lives transformed, families healed, and futures restored. 

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