Education, Training & Development Award Finalists 2024

An award to honour excellence in the provision of vocational education, training or skills development. This may be in the fields of preparatory, ongoing or transitional development for members of the wider Armed Forces community. The provision could be delivered by an individual, team or organisation.

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Introducing the Finalists...


“The CAPSLOCK course has been life changing!” This is the sentiment of many veterans who have taken advantage of a funded training place available to members of the Armed Forces community.  

CAPSLOCK delivers a transformative and innovative service for those in the UK looking to change their careers. CAPSLOCK is a leading provider of cyber security training, supporting individuals with limited technical knowledge to become invaluable members of the cyber workforce, enhancing the connection between the Armed Forces and STEM communities. Regardless of background, CAPSLOCK opens doors to industry-recognised qualifications. 

By breaking down barriers and unlocking potential, CAPSLOCK changes lives. Their collaboration with TechVets in 2023 has expanded their reach, offering vital training to service leavers, veterans, and their families. This partnership has created life-changing opportunities for underrepresented groups and those furthest from employment. Through the Forces Employment Charity’s Op NEWHOPE programme, Afghan resettlers have recently been beneficiaries of their training, proving that with the right support, pathways to success are open for everyone. 

CAPSLOCK’s impact fosters a community where everyone can thrive in the cyber security field. Their work embodies resilience and the power of education to transform lives.

Learning and Development Team, Combat Stress

Combat Stress has been at the forefront of driving education about veterans’ mental health and encouraging organisations to become trauma informed through the development of their Learning Community, launched in 2022.  This initiative, led by clinicians and experts, now includes over 350 dedicated individuals from more than 100 UK-based military charities and services from across the country.  

The Combat Stress training programmes have become a cornerstone for military-focused mental health education. Their interactive online learning, live events, and forums provide an invaluable platform for anyone supporting veterans. By fostering a collaborative training environment, they have created a community rich in knowledge. Here, questions are answered, experiences are shared, and support is unwavering. A wide variety of topics are covered including military-focused mental wellbeing; military sensitivity and awareness; transition of care or support; trauma and PTSD, being trauma informed and many others.  

Combat Stress’s commitment to setting the highest standards of best practice in training is truly admirable. Their work encourages cooperation, understanding, and inclusivity, ensuring that veterans receive the compassionate care they deserve. Through their pioneering efforts, Combat Stress has set a benchmark in veterans’ mental health care that can inspire a wider movement towards a more informed and empathetic community. 

Wings for Warriors

Wings for Warriors is a charity inspiring veterans’ to re-educate, re-ignite and re-engage with a meaningful career worth recovering for. The Charity offers education, training, and pathways to sustainable careers as commercial airline pilots. Their ethos is summed up beautifully in their motto: “We exist to show veterans that with the right support, the sky isn’t the limit but is actually just the beginning.” 

For over 12 years, Wings for Warriors has been based in rural Aberdeenshire and driven primarily by volunteers, reigniting hope, and ambition in veterans whose lives have been changed by injury or illness. The charity embraces veterans regardless of their qualifications or economic status, transforming lives through unwavering support and opportunities.  

By providing accommodation, welfare, training, and employer networking, Wings for Warriors uses aviation as a powerful tool for recovery. Veterans rediscover purpose and passion, finding meaningful careers in the skies. Since 2011, their dedication has given more than 30 veterans the chance to train as pilots, with many going on to fly international airliners, Search and Rescue helicopters, and more. 

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