About this Award

An award to honour a person, family or group whose selfless commitment, dedication and support for others in the Armed Forces Community ensure that they are cared for, supported or helped. This selfless act is therefore a shining example to society.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • An engaging story behind the person, family or group, what they do in support of others in the community; and why they do what they do.
  • Clear descriptions of the acts of selfless commitment, dedication and support they have shown, in what circumstances and how often.
  • The impact on armed forces community families or family members has been achieved through these acts of selfless commitment and dedication.
  • The different or unique characteristics of this nomination set standards of exemplar behaviour and therefore makes this nomination special and that shining example to society.

This award is suitable for a person, family or group.

Meet our 2021 Winner!

Give Us Time

A small Armed Forces charity that provides relief by sending military families on respite breaks to help restore the bonds that can prevent personal and family breakdowns.

Family Values 2021

Give Us Time is a small Armed Services charity that provides relief by sending military families on respite breaks. As we know, many military families are affected by the impact of bereavement, injury, stress, separation or financial hardship, all of which have a detrimental effect on family dynamics. Realising that the uplift in medical and welfare support to armed forces personnel was not available to these families, Give Us Time was formed in 2013 to fill this gap in the delivery of support. Uniquely, the breaks are donated ‘in kind’ by hotels, resorts and individuals.

The respite breaks help to address dysfunctional relationships between children, parents and spouses, restoring the bonds that can prevent personal and family breakdowns and the dangerous paths that this can cause people to take. Data shows that these breaks increase self-confidence and give family members a positive outlook, which can be a life-changing experience for all the participants.

Sean Taylor, Trustee, Give Us Time:

“I’m a bit emotional to tell you the truth! I’d like to thank the judges for taking the impossible decision they must have had with the remarkable efforts of everyone nominated, let alone everyone who was shortlisted. We are indebted to so many people; without the very small team that we have, the trustees, patron, founder, and ambassadors who put so much effort into this, we wouldn’t be here today.

Rupert Forrest, Charity Advisor, Give Us Time:

“This award is also an acknowledgement to the travel sector which has been hit particularly hard recently. Despite the commercial pressures – getting a room at a resort or hotel is nigh impossible at the moment – our partners and supporters were still providing service families with breaks, which is remarkable.”

Previous Winners:

2020 – Nikki Scott BEM, founder of Scotty’s Little Soldiers

2019 – Jamie Small, and War Widows Association

2018 – Tony and Liz Connell, Marryhue Farm

2017 – Mr & Mrs J Clayton

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