The ‘Soldiering on Through Life” are working closely with the TV presenter ‘Anne Diamond’ and her management to present the business world with a unique corporate sponsorship opportunity for Spring 2014. 

The plan is to curate, design and build a travelling exhibition cleverly named ‘8 Voices”.  The Exhibition will travel the UK’s top Military bases before going on public show in the first quarter of 2014.  It is an excellent opportunity for the corporate world to build relationships and network with the Military.

This will be a unique audiovisual experience that will give injured service personnel and their families a voice.  It will also go some way to help celebrate the courage and endeavor of our military heroes and something, which embodies the ethos of the Charity.

The Charity believe that The best way to tell the story of the Armed Forces Community is to hear it in their own words allowing them to convey the emotion and the bravery of war.

Anne Diamond will interview 8 injured servicemen or women – to establish the depth of their story, bravery and strength – to establish a holistic picture of the Armed Forces Community.

The Charity are hoping that a number of blue-chip companies will be able to see the benefit of the project and come on board as financial supporter – helping them to tell 8 poignant stories.  To give a voice where one is due.

An overview of these inspirational stories can be seen here:

If you would like to learn more about the 8 Voices One Story exhibition please contact Wing Commander Tal Lambert at or John Stimpson at

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