Soldiering On Grand Raffle, Hotties, Ace Cafe, 10 Oct 14, Bikers night
Ace Cafe – Hosts Soldiering On event

Soldiering On are being hosted by the Ace Cafe London to show our Grand Raffle Prize at the monthly Bike Night.

Grand Raffle, Triumph, Bonneville, Breitling, Taittinger, Champagne, draw 18 Apr 15, Soldiering On Awards

We are also being joined by Eneisha and some of the Hotties Girls to help with the Grand Raffle

ahead of their Stringfellows Launch the following night on Saturday 11 October

Please feel free to come and join us (click on the picture to find out more)

Hotties Launch, Soldiering On, 11 Oct 14, Stringfellows, Covent Garden
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