Hope restored 

I thought when I was medically discharged form the Royal navy in 1996 after five years hospitalisation that I had lost for ever that very special sense of camaraderie and belonging that is so unique to those that have served Queen and Country. Little then did I then know of the Soldiering On for life Trust and its mission not to let those injured, disabled and traumatised servicemen and women ever to be forgotten. The sense pride and feeling of worth that I experienced at receiving Endals, EJs and  my award at last years Soldiering On Awards ceremony, with my family at my side, knew no limits and reminded me that people do care……a very clear and powerful message to receive from where I sit!

Equally it was such an immense honour and so very humbling to be part of a very poignant and moving  award ceremony this year and pass on the baton to such worthy successors as Kizzy and Steve. A genuinely heartfelt thank you from the Parton family to all those that tirelessly give of themselves to make the Soldiering On Awards the significant and recognised organisation that it has become today. I once again am experiencing that very sense of camaraderie and sense of belonging, that I had thought lost forever, as a proud member of the Soldiering On family. 

Allen and EJ

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