Society is always evolving, and increased diversity encourages enhanced creativity, new perspectives, and better problem-solving. The Defence Inclusivity Award celebrates the individuals and organisations working tirelessly to forge a better and more diverse military community.

Last year’s winner of this award, Emma Norton, provides legal services to current and former members of the Armed Forces, as well as bereaved families who have suffered violence, harassment, or abuse. She does this through a charity named the Centre for Military Justice.

The 2021 Patron’s Special Recognition Award went to the Defence Hindu Network (DHN), which influences the way in which the Army engages with BAME communities. DHN is one of a number of groups in the defence space working to better represent the interests and needs of people from a diverse range of faiths, cultures, and genders.

Who do you know that is breaking down barriers to make the defence sector a richer, more diverse place for all?

Who do you know that should be nominated for the Defence Inclusivity Award?

Tell us their story.

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