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About this Award…

An award to honour excellence in the provision of; vocational education, training or skills development. This may be in the fields of; preparatory, ongoing or transitional development for members of the wider Armed Forces Community. The provision could be delivered by an individual, team or organisation.


The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • An engaging story behind the individual, team or organisation, the identified needs being met and quantified demands for the service.
  • What delivery challenges have been faced and how they have been overcome.
  • The results for the armed forces community that have been achieved through the delivery of these services.
  • The different or unique characteristics of the service that can set standards of best practice across the sector and therefore makes this nomination special.

This award is suitable for a person, organisation or team.

Meet our 2021 Winner!

Making Generation R (Resilience)

A unique programme that improves confidence and independence for veterans, and provides transferable skills that broaden their career horizons.

Making Generation R (MGR) is a unique programme that improves confidence and independence for veterans, and provides transferable skills that broaden their career horizons with a new-found ability to deliver public speaking and presentations. Blesma, The Limbless Veterans’ charity, recognised that many of its members were weighed down by the psychological impact of their injuries as well as the physical restrictions. So, in 2015, it joined forces with the Drive Project, a creative social enterprise, to launch the innovative MGR pilot scheme. The scheme trains Blesma members to develop their stories of triumphing over trauma into powerful motivational tools to help others. Employing theatre experts and storytellers, it helps members transform their stories into inspiring ‘performances’ that form the basis of follow-on discussions and workshops. The bespoke training programme encourages them to rationalise the dark and difficult incidents that changed their lives and use those stories to engage an audience, giving them the courage to face their own uncertainties and struggles. Alice Driver, Making Generation R (Resilience), said:
“I feel hugely honoured – as you said, I’m representing the whole of the Making Generation R team who deliver this (and there’s quite a few of us!). We’re so honoured to receive this. I want to say thank you on behalf of all the BLESMA team, the Drive project, the trainers, and the 94 BLESMA members who are at the heart of this programme and without them we wouldn’t exist. A massive high five to them!” 
  Previous Winner: 2020 – Army Foundation College, Harrogate 2019 – Walking with the Wounded

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