Fostering Inclusivity in the Armed Forces Community

At the Soldiering On Awards, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our categories, which helps ensure that people in all aspects and sectors of the Armed Forces community are represented and celebrated for their achievements.

Whether Defence Inclusivity and Animal Partnership, or Business Scale-Up and Lifetime Achievement, there is a place for all members of the wider military family to be seen and recognised. Soldiering On Awards is unparalleled in encompassing the community to the highest degree, including not only veterans as nominees, but also serving personnel, spouses, and families.

In our community we are shaped by the people around us, which is why recognising the achievements of everyone has been fundamental to our Awards. Military spouses are an example of a key element of our community who deserve recognition. Despite making sacrifices, often facing unique challenges from the demands of military life, including frequent relocations and uncertainty, spouses foster our sense of community and have always been a key cohort in the Awards.

In 2023 Erin Sutcliff’s company Tin Trousers won our Business Scale-Up Award. Erin is a Royal Navy spouse and grew Tin Trousers after employing other military spouses like herself, showing the value of community building and inclusion. Tin Trousers prides itself on serving the Navy and producing garments of the very highest standard, in true military style.

"It is great, as a business devoted entirely to serving UK Forces and as a military spouse, to be given recognition for the blood sweat and tears which have gone into supporting our personnel for the last 20 years. Having our efforts recognised by the Armed Forces Community and highlighted by the Soldiering On Awards has been a massive boost for me personally and for all those linked to the forces who work within Tin Trousers."

Diversity and inclusion extend beyond the Soldiering On Awards categories. These tenets run through the heart of the Awards and are integral to their growth and development. Everyone should feel they have the opportunity to be recognised for the value they bring to our community. We are proud to say that our judges, nominators, and nominees come from a wealth of backgrounds that reflect our wider society.

It gives us great pleasure to announce the appointment of a new Category Judge for the 2024 Soldiering On Awards. Angela Owen OBE, founder of Women in Defence UK, has dedicated her career to the advancement and progression of women. We are honoured to have her on-board and look forward immensely to the impact of her experience on the judging process.

This diversity and inclusion adds to the richness and breadth of the Soldiering On Awards which, in turn, makes for a truly special experience for all involved.

Nominations for the 2024 Soldiering On Awards are open!

Who in the Armed Forces community could you nominate for a Soldiering On Award? This is your chance to shine a spotlight on individuals, groups or organisations that deserve recognition.

Submit your nomination before 23:59 on 02 April 2024.

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