As a proud member of Cobseo – the Confederation of Service Charities – we see every day the phenomenal work done by organisations whose sole focus is to support the Armed Forces Community. The lifeblood of these charities is volunteers – those committed individuals who give freely of their time, raise vital funds, and perform selfless acts over decades of dedicated service. 


Each year, we are moved and inspired by the stories of people and groups nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award. While they may be heroes to us, and to the causes they serve, the number one quality they have in common is humility – they see nothing remarkable in what they do, they do it because it is right. That is why it is the duty of the military family to recognise their extraordinary efforts and achievements. 


Who do you know that should be nominated for the 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award? 


Who do you know that has gone above and beyond, again and again? 


Tell us their story. 

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