Soldiering On Awards Jenny Green It was  a wonderful surprise and   unexpected  honour to  learn that  I had  been  awarded  the  Soldiering On Through Life  Lifetime Achievement Award 2013. Like  so many  people  involved in supporting the charitable  sector  we all try to do our  best to help those needing support,  – in my  case bereaved  service  widows, especially  the  RAF and  Service  widows associations  and never  think  about  getting  public  recognition.

Anticipating the   award  ceremony , the   venue  and  number of  people who would  be  present  was  a  daunting prospect ,but  an exciting one.  The  occasion  was  unlike any other  I have   attended – it was  glittering and fantastic.

I was amazed to  see how many people  were there wanting   to support  the  Armed Forces .  Most of us  know that the  service   family is very  supportive of  its wounded and  bereaved , but it was a  welcome surprise to  see how many  organisations and  companies , many of   whom  had  very  little to  do  directly with  the  “Forces  family” , had  come  wanting to   be  supportive and  to  help  raise  funds.

Events  such as the   awards  ceremony are a wonderful way of raising  both the profile of the  Armed Forces  and  the problems that  some  service personnel and their  families  have had to face and  come to  terms with, and  raising much needed  funds. The  charities that have   sponsored award  winners  all get  a proportion of the   profits  raised during the year  , so it is  a  real incentive for  service  charities  to put forward nominations.

The  awards  night was a  glamorous occasion but also  a  very  moving one. Listening to  the  stories  of   other  award  winners  was   very humbling and the  support offered  by  the  audience  almost  overwhelming.

Thank you to the  RAF Widows  Association for  nominating me and to the  Soldiering On Through Life Trust for  awarding  me the  2013  Lifetime  Achievement  Award and  giving the RAF Widows  Association  some  much needed funding.

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