This award recognises excellence in the provision of vocational education, training or skills in support of preparatory, ongoing or transitional development for members of the wider Armed Forces community.

The Award is generously sponsored by Capita, a global consulting, digital services and software business. The firm helps millions of people by delivering innovative solutions to transform and simplify the connections between businesses and customers, governments and citizens. It partners with clients to provide the insight and cutting-edge technologies that give time back, allowing them to focus on what they do best and making people’s lives easier and simpler. You can find out more about Capita here.

“At Capita, we are firmly committed to supporting people and their development. We are proud sponsors of the Soldiering On Awards Education, Training, and Development category, which shines a light on remarkable people within the Armed Forces community who are providing exceptional support for career transition, vocational education and skills development. Each of this year’s Finalists have demonstrated outstanding results in this area and we congratulate them all!”
Cath Possamai, CEO – Recruiting Group at British Army

The Finalists for the Education, Training and Development Award are:

Army Foundation College, Harrogate

As seen on TV, The Army Foundation College trains over 1000 teenagers for military service each year. It delivers the world’s most comprehensive 12 month programme consisting of military training, education, leadership, sports and adventurous training. Its outstanding ability to inspire and set high expectations is extraordinary, and it continues to innovate and push the boundaries of soldier development and aspiration. This college is a unit with “a big heart and a bold mission.”

The impact of the College’s Ofsted ‘outstanding’ training and education is profound. It transforms the lives of young men and women seeking military service. Many of country’s brightest students are attracted by the College’s reputation; however, 20% come from the lowest end of the socio-economic spectrum, with 33% excluded from schooling and representing the UK’s most disadvantaged children.

“It is a world class facility and the most effective education establishment in the UK considering the learning distance travelled for some of its most challenged learners. More than that, it has lit a fire and put their past education into perspective. They realise their schools failed them, not the other way around.

In tackling this difficult start, and in deciding what will serve recruits best long after they leave the Army, education has become the College’s priority. The results are stunning. This year every single recruit graduated with a GCSE equivalent pass in English and almost all in maths.

The College hosts the Channel 5 documentary ‘Raw Recruits’ – an honest and inspirational portrayal of the myriad of stories of overcoming adversity, camaraderie, care and success.

“The College’s ability to inspire and set high expectations of ‘Generation Z’ is extraordinary and it continues to innovate and push the boundaries of soldier development and aspiration.


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LifeWorks was created by Royal British Legion Industries in 2011 to offer advice, information and career guidance to both Veterans and the spouses of serving personnel. The LifeWorks coaches, trainers and vocational assessors understand exactly what it means to be a Veteran in the modern civilian world.

Veterans often face substantial challenges upon their return to the civilian world, including lacking confidence and direction, and a perceived lack of experience and education. This, when coupled with additional complex challenges such as substance misuse, financial difficulty and homelessness, can leave Veterans alienated and without purpose.

LifeWorks identifies the too-often-forgotten skills of Veterans and military spouses then outlines the modern CV-writing and job searching skills necessary for them to move into work. This includes searching the hidden jobs market, LinkedIn training and interview skills.

“LifeWorks boasts an immensely strong success rate. Of those who attend the programme, 83% move into employment or work-related activity within 12 months.”

Military spouses can also face significant challenges. Frequent relocations can leave them unable to sustain employment, feeling unsociable and lacking in confidence. This is where the LifeWorks team steps in.  Recognising spouses’ additional commitments, the team have adapted the programme to include a flexible online platform where people can access the information they need to help secure work.

Thanks to Lifeworks, more than 1000 people across the UK, as well as those based internationally, have been given clear, positive direction and assisted with a tailored approach into the employment market.

“RBLI, the charity behind LifeWorks, has been supporting Veterans into employment for the last century.”

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Mission Motorsport

Mission Automotive is a ground-breaking initiative that improves opportunities for employers to access Veterans’ skills and potential. Delivered by Mission Motorsport, it combines the recuperative effect of motorsport activity with the long-term benefits of motor industry careers to form the “Race / Retrain / Recover” programme.

The organisation’s primary aim is to reduce the issues associated with leaving the military by increasing understanding of the civilian work environment. The vocational team matches candidates to jobs within the motor industry, supporting the transition from military to civilian life. Over the past six years, Mission Motorsport’s vocational initiatives for Wounded, Injured or Sick (WIS) have placed over 170 ex-servicemen and ex-servicewomen into work, and more than 600 WIS have benefited from its educational developmental activities.

“Mission Automotive is a ground-breaking initiative that will improve the opportunities for employers to access the skills and potential of Service Leavers.”  

Mission Motorsport takes a holistic view of the support offered, delivering recovery sport, careers services and City & Guilds recognised training packages, with occupational therapy advice built in to ensure transition is tailored to the needs of each individual. This small team achieves extraordinary outcomes through well-developed engagement programmes, guided by compassion, experience, imagination and unwavering commitment.

 “Helping industry to help our Armed Forces Community, and realising and recognising the benefits of so doing has given a small organisation disproportionate impact.”  or


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What’s next?

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There were many worthy nominees who unfortunately did not make the shortlist; the quality of nominations was extremely high and this did make the judging process very difficult. We appreciate the disappointment some people will feel not making the finalists shortlist and we are only sorry we can’t recognise everyone for their endeavours.

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