This week the country celebrates National Inclusion Week, and this year’s theme is “Everyday Inclusion: Celebrate and Inspire.

The timing is perfect!

What better time than now to recognise and honour a person or group that supports inclusion and diversity within the Armed Forces Community?

Nominations for the Soldiering On Awards close next Monday at midnight, so you have a few days left to tell us about any group, organisation or person that you feel is fantastic at supporting others who may previously have been seen as marginalised.

Think about support for people within the military family including (but nowhere near limited to) those involved with groups in the folowing areas:

  • religion

  • culture

  • race

  • gender

  • sexual-orientation

  • disability – physical & mental

  • age

  • or any other group that is encouraged and supported to be included in all relevant activities.

If you know someone who is passionate about ensuring that EVERYONE has equal chances, please get in touch and nominate them today!



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