Families play a pivotal role in the military community, and it is fitting that this contribution is recognised. The Family Values Award exists to do just that.

Families, immediate and extended, offer vital support to those in uniform and those who have previously served. In recent years, the appreciation of this role has become more tangible, with specific initiatives introduced through the Armed Forces Covenant, military charities, and the MOD itself.

Organisations such as the Army, Navy, and RAF Families Federations are doing sterling work in providing information and resources for military families and their recently launched Forces Families Jobs is now creating opportunities for those on the ‘home front.’

All of the above are staffed and supported by committed people determined to make practical and significant contributions to their communities. Wherever they may be in the UK, or across the world, they are all bound by one thread – the military family.

Who do you know that is truly making a difference?

Who do you know that should be nominated for the Family Values Award?

Tell us their story.

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