Business of the Year – Community Impact Award

Winner: Sinah Common Honey

When he retired from a 32 year career in the military and police force, John Geden was suffering from complex-PTSD. Struggling to find civilian employment, he decided to take his love of bee-keeping to business and Sinah Common Honey was born. John now manages 200 hives, produces two tonnes of honey and runs beekeeping courses for veterans. He’s about to launch a cosmetic product, with the proceeds going to military charities.

Sponsored by: Cisco

Award presented by: Mike Cherry, Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

John Geden of Sinah Common Honey said: “I was thrilled to be even nominated for this award, ecstatic to have reached the Finalist stage and so you can imagine just how I feel to have actually won. That is even more special when I consider the strength of the competition in the category.

“I am humbled by the veterans and service personnel that I work with at Help For Heroes on the Beekeeping project; their stories are quite remarkable and it is an honour for me to run beekeeping courses that may just help relax troubled minds and focus them on something natural and amazing.”


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