FiMT Working Together Award

Winner: Unforgotten Forces

Unforgotten Forces was formed when Poppy Scotland sought to build a partnership of like-minded organisations to look after the 280,000 older Veterans living in Scotland. Bringing together 15 diverse charities, the consortium helps to tackle issues such as healthcare, transport, social isolation and creativity, as well as assisting people living in care settings. Unforgotten Forces is funded by a £4million award from HM Treasury via the Aged Veterans Fund.

Sponsored by: Forces in Mind Trust

Award presented by: Lt Gen Richard Nugee, Chief of Defence People

Speaking on behalf of the Unforgotten Forces consortium, Gary Gray, Head of Welfare Services at Poppy Scotland, said: “We are delighted to receive this high profile recognition of the outstanding work that is being carried out in support of older veterans across Scotland.  Through working collaboratively we are improving the quality of life for many older veterans who we owe a great gratitude to.  To have won this award is excellent recognition for the dedicated work being carried out by each and every partner in the Unforgotten Forces consortium.”

Ray Lock, Chief Executive of the Forces in Mind Trust said:
“Forces in Mind Trust is delighted to recognise the outstanding collaboration shown by all our finalists.  The efforts of Unforgotten Forces and Poppy Scotland are particularly noteworthy, and offer a shining example that all of us in the military charities sector would do well to follow”.


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